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Land of the Coward, Home of the Insane?

Fight Back with Jay Howell podcast, 27 April 2017

First of all, I take nothing away from the bravery of our veterans, troops, police, firefighters, paramedics, or anyone else who either risks their life or has done so in the past, to protect a society that largely doesn’t deserve their sacrifice.  Thanks to all of you…you’re NOT cowards.

Everyone else, there’s a good chance you are King or Queen Chickensh*t.


Why do I say that?  Because you don’t speak up, speak out, and do something when it’s needed.  When the time comes to fight, either with your words or with your fists, you turn chicken a** and run.  Over about the last 30 years, I have seen this country run full speed off the cliff.  Even if we wake up soon enough to yank the ripcord of the parachute on our national back, it’s probably too late to do anything other than to slow our fall enough for us not to wind up a grease spot on the rocks below.  All because you’ve ignored the nest of snakes under the house, and instead whistled “Don’t Worry Be Happy” as you drove your SUV with the “Life is Good” spare tire cover to the mall to go shopping.  Life’s a Beach, after all, right?

On Episode 3 of Fight Back With Jay Howell, I talk about how the whole “transgender” issue has taken root because you, me, and other good people have sat back and stood down while politically correct Leftist and cowardly conservative lawmakers codified the insanity known by the clinical name “gender dysphoria“.  Notice how the preferred treatment method of the “psychiatric world” is to go along to get along…give hormones to those afflicted with the insanity, to let them continue their delusion, rather than deal with the issue head-on.  Cowardly.  Insane.  Our silence and apathy is only emboldening the Left, while we plummet to the bottom of the rocky chasm.  Grow a spine, people, and fight back!

Watch the video linked to in this article…it says, in a nutshell, if you like the women you date to have vaginas, or the men you date to have penises, you’re a “transphobe”.  Yeah.  But let’s look at that word, “transphobe”.  A phobia is an irrational fear of something.  “Trans” means “across”, or “to cross”, as in transportation, transaction, of Transylvania (across the forest).  So “transphobe” would mean “an irrational fear of crossing.”  Crossing what?  The ocean?  The country? The room?  “Transpohobe” is a totally contrived, made up, non-word.  It’s like “homophobe”…”homo” means the same, or one.  So a “homophobe” would be someone who has an irrational fear of…the same?  One? Homogenized milk?  Total bullsh*t, but the Lefties have been reading their Orwell.  Remember Newspeak in 1984?  There you go.  Don’t let them get away with it.  Have the courage to call things what they really are.

I also talk about how the worst fears of many of us right-wing kooks may indeed be getting ready to happen, but conservative snowflakes (and yes, most on the Right are cowardly snowflakes) are either unaware of it, or are whistling past the graveyard, ignoring the warning signs right in front of their noses.  A Second Civil War is, IMHO, more possible today than when Barrack Hussein Obammunist’s Occupy White House operation was still on.  Just look at what’s been going on since last summer, with the Leftists chasing, then attacking, and now stabbing and beating Make America Great Again ralliers with knives, baseball bats, bricks and pepper spray.  Granted, the Right is finally starting to fight back, equipping themselves with motorcycle and baseball helmets, and kicking some serious snowflake a** at UC Berkeley.  But the Commies are talking about stepping it up, and arming themselves with guns.  At a recent Leftist rally in Phoenix, the buttercups      exercised their Second Amendment right to carry their weapons openly (which I support).   Were they doing it because they are suddenly supporters of our RKBA, or were they just trying to frighten us?  Well, they may scare some of you cowering conservatives, but just look at the picture…is that the Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man with a beard on the right?  And, oh how cute…they’re wearing matching red bandanas!  Sheesh…at least none of those morons have their fingers on the trigger.


“But Jay,” you whine, “That’ll never happen heeeere.”  Au contraire…the three most dangerous word combination in the English language is “can’t happen here.”  That and “President Elizabeth Warren.”

People, wake up…ignoring what’s going on right in front of your nose is a sure fire way to wake up one day to the news that several MAGA ralliers are dead after pipe bombs went off in Hometown, USA, followed by wildly sprayed gunfire.  At this point, I don’t know if it can even be stopped, but we can be ready for it if it does happen (please Lord, don’t let it happen!).  Stay alert, stay alive, and plan for the worst but pray for the best.  In the meantime, read Civil War 2, by Thomas Chittum.  It was written in 1996, and a lot of it is happening right in front of our eyes.

Quick side note…the Lefties who are attacking peaceful MAGA rallies call themselves “antifa”, or “anti fascists”.  Yeah…to them, you and I are fascists.  Why?  Because we exercise our First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble, and to free speech.  They don’t like that, because our views are different from theirs, and the little teacups were never taught by their worthless Generation X parents how to deal with things that don’t go their way.  So they lash out, like the spoiled brats they are, violently, to keep us from exercising our right to free speech.  So who are the real fascists here?  One side is exercising their Constitutional rights, and the other side is trying to stop them from exercising those Constitutional rights…..hmmmmm.

They’re also hypocrites, because after calling for “assault weapon” bans following Sandy Hoax, San Bernadino, Orlando and other mass shootings, they’re now buying and carrying the very same black rifles they don’t want you and I to be able to own, in an effort to scare us.

But I digress.

Speaking of spoiled brats and temper tantrums, the other side of the United Airlines/Dr. Dumbass story is coming out, and it’s just what we were told when the story was breaking.  Which is to say, before the one passenger’s video went viral, and became the only version of the story we heard in the endless media hyperventilating.  The security agent who pulled Dr. Dumbass from his seat said the 69-year old kidult was thrashing around violently, and as he was being pulled from his chair, Dork Boy pushed the agent’s hands away, and he face-planted into the armrest of the chair.  Yeah…he wasn’t “assaulted”, he wasn’t “beaten up”, he wasn’t “thrown across the cabin”, or any other bullsh*t story that anyone with a higher-than-room-temperature IQ saw through right from the get go.  His busted lip, his missing teeth, his alleged concussion?  All his fault.

Still, that isn’t stopping United from changing its policy.  Reacting like scared little bit**es, the company now forbids its employees from touching any passenger that’s already seated.  According to Fox News, the airline will also offer up to $10K in bribes to passengers who have to give up their seats thanks to the airline’s practice of overbooking flights.  No, nothing could ever go wrong there, could it?  Next we’ll be hearing of passengers getting into fist fights in the aisles over who’s the first in line to get that $10 grand.  If you ask me, an effective policy change would be to give three warnings, over a 10 minute period, followed by a close encounter with a TSA agent with a cattle prod.  Oh yeah, also make it policy to not oversell flights.

Another side note…I really wish United had changed that policy back in 2010 when I got booted of my flight at O’Hare (see FBWJH #1).  I was seated, belted in, with my overhead bag already stowed.  Woulda been nice…

In our How to Fight Back segment, I talk about the importance of speaking up and speaking out, only this time the importance of speaking out to people, rather than the safe anonymity of the internet or talk radio.  Talk to your friends and family.  Your co-workers.  Your bowling league buddies.  The members of your church congregation.  As I said before, many conservatives and patriots are snowflakes.  They’re afraid to speak up and speak out, for fear of being called bigots, haters and racists.  Pop culture and the news media have convinced them that they’re the minority, they’re out of touch, and their views are old-fashioned.  They need to see that they’re not alone, that we patriots and conservatives are the majority.  As Glenn Beck once said, “we surround them”.  But don’t just start flapping your gums if you’re not ready…it’s verbal combat you’re wading into, and the Leftists are very good at it.  They’ll pick you to pieces if you’re not ready.  Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Get informed.  Listen to talk radio (I recommend Dr. Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Laura Ingraham, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and of course the grand poobah, Rush Limbaugh).  Read websites like Red State, SHTFplan, Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, InfoWars, Newsmax,, etc.  Go to discussion boards like Free Republic, Time Bomb 2000,, and so on.  Read, listen, digest and understand what’s being said.  You are what you read.  If you don’t understand something, ask a FReeper to explain it to you…they may be long winded, but they’ll jump at the opportunity.  Then formulate a way of arguing those points in your own words, in your own style.
  2. Practice, practice, practice.  Get together with your friends and role play.  Have others listen and critique you.  Then practice some more.  Get to where you can think on your feet, because the Leftists will try to throw you off.
  3. Know how to recognize red herring and straw man arguments, which are favorites of the Left.  A red herring is changing the subject in an attempt to distract you, and divert you from your point.  You start out debating about illegal aliens, then find yourself a few minutes later arguing over artificial turf versus grass.  If your opponent tries to change the subject, tell them to stick to the matter at hand.  Similarly, a straw man argument is an attempt to throw you off by arguing a point you never made.  Example: you say water is wet.  The Leftist then says, “that’s like saying the sky is blue.  It’s not always blue…sometimes it’s gray because it’s overcast.  What, you don’t believe in clouds?  Clouds are real…you must be anti-science!”  You never said anything about clouds, but suddenly that’s what the debate is about.  Again, don’t let them change the subject.
  4. If they do, or if they’re just a blithering, uninformed idiot, ridicule them.  Ridicule is a veeeeeery powerful tool that the Left has been using against us for years.  Think Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, or Bill Maher.  Use it on them.  Now, I know that goes against our nature as conservatives, to be nice, to go along to get along, to be polite.  Get over it.  Leftists are our philosophical enemies, and if our worst fears come to pass, maybe our very real enemies.  Don’t try to get them to like you…they only way they will ever be nice to you is if agree with them, all the time.  Again, Generation Xers and Generation.commers really don’t know how to deal with those who don’t tell them they’re special, and wonderful, and talented, and just the smartest people on Earth.  They can’t handle people laughing at them.  Do it.  To their faces.  It’s fun, especially if the Leftist is a hipster!
  5. Being as they can’t defeat us in the theater of ideas, they usually resort to one or two things: one is to fold their arms, and repeat over and over again, “No.  You’re just wrong.  You’re wrong.”  Checkmate.  Or they’ll start insulting you, calling you names like fascist, racist, bigot, etc.  Again, checkmate.  Don’t get scared because they’re using the r-word, turn it back on them.  “Really, is that the best you’ve got?  I expected more from someone who pretends to be educated,” or “Can’t argue the issues, so you have to resort to insults, I see.  Real lame.  I won.”  Make sure you claim victory, then do a figurative victory dance over their verbal corpse.
  6. Most importantly, DO IT IN PUBLIC!  That mousy, cowering conservative snowflake who’s watching from 10 feet away needs to see there are people who think like him/her.  I’ve had people come up to me after I’ve destroyed a Leftist and say “I didn’t know anyone else though like me.”  Bingo…you’ve won an ally.  Now turn that person into a fanatic.  Bring them to your group’s practice sessions, invite them to the MAGA rally you’re planning.  He/she will then do the same, and the movement will grow exponentially.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna take guts.  But if we don’t have the guts to get informed, and gird up to do verbal combat, how the hell will be ever have the guts to fight back when the Leftist snowflakes attack the next MAGA rally?  How will be have the courage to do what must be done if, God help us, we find ourselves in an 1861-type situation, only in 2017?  2018?

Things have gotten as bad as they have, and this nation is in the mortal danger we’re in from enemies foreign and domestic , because we’ve let it happen.  We’ve ignored the nest of snakes in the basement, and when they came crawling up through the vents in the floor, instead of killing them, we went shopping.  We’re addicted to good times and happiness.  We think life really is a beach.  It’s not.  Our freedom is on life support, and your kids or grandkids may never draw a free breath again if you don’t speak up, speak out, and DO SOMETHING!  It’s gonna take guts, but we’re Americans, the gutsiest people every to walk the face of God’s green Earth.  We can do it.

Finally, I’m a sucker for a good news story.  In the news biz, they call them “kickers”…those stories about dogs and babies and Little League teams that come at the end of a newscast, that leave you smiling after being bombarded with bad news for the last 30 minutes.  So I end today’s podcast with a kicker that is sheer poetic justice, about how some ISIS goat humpers met their (probably) painful end.  I hope it leaves you smiling as it did me.

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