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Happy Earth Day…suckers!

This past weekend, chumps from all across the world celebrated Earth Day, and held “Rallies for Science” in 500 cities.  In true Leftist fashion, that innocuous name was used to hide to the unknowing masses what they were really doing…protesting gloBULL warming, climate change, or whatever they’re calling it now.  I guess “science”?


Okay, first things first.  As I lay out in this week’s podcast, the whole argument that they (the Left) are pro-science and we on the Right are anti-science is a bunch of horse sh*t.  Those like FORMER (it feels sooooo good saying former) President Barrack Hussein Obammunist, who proclaimed carbon dioxide to be a poison, the spawn of Satan, the boogeyman, and the most evil thing ever created by Gaia Herself, obviously slept through 3rd grade Life Science.  It was then, back in the 70s, in Kentucky (which we were told had the next to bottom public education system in the nation), we learned about this thing called “photosynthesis”.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  As a refresher, photosynthesis is where plants take sunlight, water AND carbon dioxide, and produce glucose (which plants need to survive), and oxygen (which we need to survive).  Amazing how that works isn’t it, Mr. FORMER President?

In other words, carbon dioxide is plant food.  “Oh, but there’s too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” you whine.  Not according to Freeman Dyson, a mathematician and physicist at Princeton University.  Oh yeah, he’s a rocket scientist, too…a real one.  He thinks not only has higher levels of carbon dioxide led to forests growing back faster than in the past, including those oh-so-sacred rainforests, but it’s led to higher crop yields.  For those of you for whom the closest you’ve ever gotten to farming is the organic vegetable section at Albertson’s, that means farms are producing more food now than at any time in the past.  That’s good news for a world whose population is growing.

Quick side note…remember back in the 70s and 80s, those Chicken Littles who said we wouldn’t be able to produce enough food to feed the world’s population, oh, say, by…he year 2000?  Haven’t heard from them in a while, have we?  But I digress.

So this past Saturday, mind-numbed legions of well-intentioned Leftists turned out by the thousands to “Rally for Science”.  Even here in Boise, Idaho, there were an estimated 1,000 eco-nuts who gathered on the Capitol steps to whine about how the legislature had de-funded “science” this year, and cry about how politicians don’t “respect science”. Well, there you go again, with the trademark Leftist exaggeration and spinning of the truth.  What the Idaho legislature did was drop from the public education curriculum the requirement to teach the environmentalist propaganda that mankind is causing gloBULL warming…uh, I mean “climate change”.  I guess so-called “educators” realize that their arguments are so easy to pick apart, they have to reach, indoctrinate, and program young minds before they develop the ability to think critically and reason.  Then again, maybe those so-called “educators” are just abjectly stupid, which is as key an ingredient to liberalism as carbon dioxide is to photosynthesis.

So back to the whole anti-science thing.  What exactly are the eco-nut Leftists basing their gloom and doom predictions on, if not the science of photosynthesis (and the ability to think logically)?  In 1998, the infamous (in the true sense of the word) “hockey-stick graph” was published, which allegedly showed the Earth gradually cooling over the last 1000 years, before a sharp upward spike in the 20th Century.  Yeah, that’s when eeeeevil factories, cars, air conditioners and other spawns of Satan proliferated exponentially.  For you Generation.commers, that means we built a sh*t load of them.  But what was it based on?  Essentially, it was a computer model.  In other words, it will do whatever its told to do, and when BS data is fed in, BS results are spit out.  Read Ross McKitrick’s thorough analysis of the hockey stick graph here…but set aside an hour or so to get through it!

But what Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph lie didn’t show were the Medieval Warm Period, and the Little Ice Age.  You see, in the last 1,000 years, it’s actually been a whole helluva lot warmer than it is now.  That’s why Greenland is called “Green”land…it used to be green.  That’s why England once had a California-type climate, where they actually had vineyards.  That’s why deep core ice samples in the Arctic have found vegetation under the layers and layers of ice…at one time, there was no ice at all at the North Pole…long before your SUV, my pickup, and everyone’s A/C system.

At the same time, do you ever wonder why, when the predictable story comes out about how the previous year was the “hottest on record”, those records go back only about 150 years?  “That’s because they didn’t keep records before then,” you say, repeating the talking points you heard from some Leftist Poindexter on the Rachael Madcow show.  No, it’s because of the Little Ice Age, which ended roughly 150 years ago.  In other words, for you Generation.commers who can’t catch the meaning without a search engine, the temperature was at a cold point 150 years ago, and of course, has been rising ever since.  “Golly, Sergeant Carter…that’s like sayin’ it’s warmer in May than in January ’cause of my pappy’s pickup, ain’t it (for those of you who have never seen Gomer Pyle, USMC, you’re hopeless)?”

Yes, climate change is happening.  It’s been changing as long as there’s been a planet Earth, and despite the best intentions of Ed Begley Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles, and all the Hollyweird eco-nuts, despite all the “Rallies for Science”, and all the indoctrination of young minds in our publik skuls, it will change from now until the end of time.  There’s nothing we can do to stop it.  There will be worse storm years than others.  There will be droughts.  The seas will rise, and they will fall again, just as they’ve done for billions of years.

But that doesn’t matter, ’cause there’s good money to be made in the GloBULL Warming Racket.  For Algore, for the UN/IPCC, for companies like Solyndra, (which went bankrupt after getting $500 million from the so-called “stimulus” program to build solar panels), and guess who pays for it all?  You do.  Through higher home heating bills, higher prices at the pump, higher regulatory fees, etc.  You’re the one taking it in the shorts, so why not do something about it?  You can start by informing yourself of the truth, not what you’re told by the Idaho Slantsman, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, the NYT, LAT, and so on.

Below I’ve included links to some other interesting articles, and if you’re not too invested in the lie called gloBULL warming, you might find them interesting.  A couple of them deal with an example (just one of many) of how Leftist “climate scientists” used skewed data to try to disprove the “global warming pause”.  What’s the global warming pause, you say?  It may come as a shock to you, if you’re a consumer of mainstream (Leftist) media and a follower of the celebrity culture, but the average worldwide temperature hasn’t risen since the late 90s.  Yeah.  It all depends on the data.  Then there are another couple of articles on “alternative” energy, and how wind and solar just ain’t living up to what was promised, when it comes to meeting our energy needs.

Oh yeah, and have you heard the claim that 97% of scientists agree that human activity is causing global warming?  Yeah, that’s bullsh*t, too…click here to find out how the Left arrived at that figure.  Here’s another link, only this time out of Australia.

Finally, in honor (cough,cough) of Earth Day, I’m linking to my song “Weenie in a Hybrid”, which I wrote as a hat tip to a smug, sanctimonious Prius driver who shot me the stink eye one day, as I idled my F-150 in a parking lot, providing needed carbon dioxide to hungry plants all across Southern Idaho.  Hey, I was only doing my part for the environment!


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