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Fight Back with Jay Howell, uh, I mean Jimmy Page, 4 June 2017

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The day after: London attacked again, the UK attacked again, Europe attacked again. By white supremacists? No. By right-wing militias? No. By Muslims? Yes. When are we, as members of Western Civilization going to get our heads out of our a**es and admit that Islam is at war with us. Apparently not anytime soon, given the legions of little mind-numbed young idiots at the Ariana Grande/Katy Perry/Justin Bieber/Black Eyed Peas/et al concert in Manchester. Hey dumbasses, it doesn’t matter if you love everyone in the world, most of them hate you, and will kill you the first chance they get. Bieber and, they’ll rejoice in cutting your heads off, ala Danny Pearl and Nick Berg.  Don’t know who they were?  Google them.  Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, I hope you like your burkas.

Also in today’s podcast:

Swedish girls and women are called “racist” for reporting being groped and molested by Muslim refugees. Yep, that’s right. It’s so bad in Sweden, that they’re supposed to just offer up their daughters, wives, sisters and girlfriends on the altar of Political Correctness, I guess to comfort all the Muslim invaders who have been granted refugee status. Yeah, in the USA, we’re the land of the sick, home of the insane. But at least we’re not Western Europe…not yet, anyway.

Score another huge win for the Trump administration for getting us out of that God-awful Paris Climate Accord. The Daily Signal’s Nicolas Loris and Katie Tubb wrote about four reasons the President was right to have get out of it, and they’re right. But the biggest, most important reason isn’t mentioned: man-made gloBULL warming (or “climate change” if it’s more convenient for the Leftists to call it that) is complete and total bullshi’ite.

Only a moron doesn’t believe the climate is changing; it has been for five billion years. But only a moron thinks we’re causing it…after all, it’s been a helluva lot warmer — and a helluva lot cooler — over Earth’s history. For example, ever hear of the Siberian (or Bering) Land Bridge? If not, look it up. It happened long before my pickup or your SUV were built, and before we had AC put in our homes. Carbon emissions are killing the planet? Horsecrap…carbon dioxide is plant food, necessary for photosynthesis, which is in turn necessary for any and all life on Earth to exist! Higher CO2 levels have led to something, though…higher crop yields and faster growing forests.

The Texan legislature is getting closer and closer to passing the so-called “bathroom bill”, which would require boys to pee in the boys’ room and girls to pee in the girls’ room. They’re arguing it’s for safety, and it is. But the most important reason for passing it is to allow sanity to prevail and not let the inmates run the asylum.

We’ve talked about gender dysphoria before…it’s a recognized mental disorder, that apparently is the only one the psychiatric world wants to treat by allowing it to blossom and bloom and metastasize, and so on. Treat and cure schizophrenia, by all means, give those suffering from gender dysphoria their hormones, and enable their insanity.  But (hopefully) not in Texas.

Did you hear the one about the pregnant guy in Portland?  No, it’s not the start of a joke, it’s for real.  Except it’s not for real.  Seems a gender dysphoric lunatic who’s really a woman but who “self identifies” as a man, has gotten pregnant.  Yeah, can’t make this crap up.Ready the article at your own risk, and preferably on an empty stomach…otherwise you’ll be seeing your lunch again.

Really, Kim Jong Un, if you really, really, really want to nuke us, we’ll give you Portland.  Go ahead, knock yourselves out.  I’ll even start a Go Fund Me page to raise money to offset the cost of the nuke.  Just please, wipe Portland off the map.

Ever heard of Far Cry 5, the new video game?  If you’re like me, the answer is no…but you need to know about it if you have kids who love video games, or if you yourself love them.  From the description, and the trailer released this week by Ubisoft, it’s a blatant attack on militias (though they call the bad guys a “cult”).  But that’s not the real important part.  In the article I posted, it backs up what I’ve been saying all along:  video games are being used for political indoctrination of young impressionable minds.  Those kids (and young adults) that play video games, and consume pop culture as a whole, don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, or go to school at Liberty University, or belong to the Heritage Foundation.  Pop culture is what influences them, and indoctrinates them.  Again, we absolutely have to start using pop culture — read: music, video games, movies, professional sports — to reach young people and deprogram them, before the start getting elected to Congress!  “But Jay,” you whine, “conservatives aren’t creative or artistic!  Out brains aren’t wired that way!”  Horsecrap…there are thousands of conservative/patriotic artists out there, just dying for some help getting their art, music, scripts, etc out to the public.  They need your help.

How to fight back: because again, everyone is saying we need to fight back, but we in the center-right don’t know how.  Tired of the relentless attack on President Trump, over unproven allegations of Russian “meddling” in the election?  Over replica severed heads being shown on TV?  Over the new “President Show” (if you’ve not seen the previews, it’s a — what?  Sketch show?  Sitcom? Suffice to say, it’s yet another attack, masquerading as a “comedy” show)?  You can fight back against the Leftist Mainstream News Media — hereby known as the Ministry of Propaganda — right there in your hometown.  Here’s what you do:

  1. get your head out of your a** and turn off the TV
  2. organize a group of like-minded citizens, the more the better
  3. make your picket signs
  4. go protest outside your local TV and radio stations, and your local newspapers, where you can be seen by passersby

In doing so, you’ll get your message out there where it can’t be ignored by the public.  Only those who are so inclined listen to podcasts, read blogs, or go on social media.  But everyone drives, or uses public transportation.  Get you message out where people can’t help but see it.  Secondly, you’ll likely get coverage from that news outlet itself, and therefore will be on the 6:00 news, or even be called in to be interviewed by the afternoon drive talk show host.  Finally, the news director or executive producer, who isn’t used to being picketed, will call their national affiliate and tell them to get off the Russia non-story, and start sending them some real news content.

Finally, once again, the call goes out to please help support this blog and podcast.  Go to my podcast page (by clicking the link at the top of this page, or just by clicking here), and look for the donate button on the right-hand sidebar.  Anything helps.  But even if you can’t spare a dollar or five, please help me get the work out by clicking Like and Share on, and Following my Twitter feed @JayHowellNews.  The show is evolving, and the next evolution has to be getting it on a paying basis.  Thanks for your support.  Speak up, speak out, DO SOMETHING!

God Bless America, God bless you, and keep on rocking and rolling…see you next time.


Why We Fight

Tired of politics? The fight has only begun

I don’t often agree with Senate MINORITY leader Chuckie Schumer, but I just saw a Fox News sound bite of him saying, in essence, the fight against President Donald Trump is only starting.  He said it in reference to the flap over just-resigned National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn, but that’s not the extent of the assault on everything Trump that’s to come.  And it could end horribly for everyone.

After the November 8th election, a number of my Facebook friends posted pleas with essentially the same message: “can we please stop the political stuff now and get back to cat videos, recipes, cute dogs, babies…” etc, etc, etc.  The short answer is “no”.  The longer answer is “no, if we value our freedom, our kids’ freedom, our grandkids’ freedom, and the freedom of every generation of Americans to follow.  No, if we want there to be an America to hand down to successive generations.  No, if when we get to Heaven, we want to be able to look our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and all the brave Americans who fought and died to preserve this nation for us, in the eye, and tell them we did all we could to protect the gift of freedom they passed on to us.  No, if we don’t want to have to use the Second Amendment for the purpose it was intended.

Make no mistake, our enemies (and that’s one thing I actually agreed with the Obammunist on…the other side are our political enemies, because they’re out to destroy  what America is, and was always meant to be) are out to save their grip on power.  On November 8th, the American people spoke; not Hollyweird, the Leftist mainstream media, professional sports, and the rest of pop culture, but We The People.  Flyover Country.  The Forgotten Man (and Woman), who doesn’t attend Manhattan or Georgetown cocktail parties, have their pictures taken on the red carpet at the latest incestuous Hollyweird awards show, have a comfy government retirement coming, etc.  We got what we’ve been desperately wanting for years now; an outsider, a businessman, and a fighter who truly loves his nation and his fellow citizens.  We got a doer, not a talker, like we’ve had in office ever since Ronald Reagan last climbed aboard Marine One in January 1989.  The Leftists saw this and saw their grip on absolute power slipping.

They’re desperate, and there’s nothing they won’t stoop to in order to maintain that grip on power.  Right now, they’re just protesting, lying about President Trump at those awards shows, calling for President Trump to be ousted in a military coup, or to be assassinated, and for his supporters to be murdered. But one thing we’ve learned from history is that mentally unhinged people often telegraph their true intentions, and even if they don’t really mean to pick up a rifle themselves, they can inspire others to do it for them.  Remember, Charles Manson didn’t actually kill anyone himself, he just got his “family” members to do it.

Oh yeah, the thing about murdering Trump supporters?  That was a teacher who said it.  Read the article below.

Folks, it’s time for us to stop  letting this stuff slide.  America is on the ropes because ever since the first George Bush called for a “kinder, gentler nation”, we in the center-right have gone soft.  We’re addicted to cat and baby videos on You Tube, improving our golf handicap, making sure our portfolio is outperforming last quarter, and other happy pursuits.  We subscribe to the “Life’s a Beach, so Don’t Worry Be Happy” mindset. We don’t draw a line, take sides, and say “this aggression will not stand, man”…to quote The Dude (in The Big Lebowski…seriously, if you haven’t seen it, join the 21st Century).

The blabbering, slobbering so-called “conservative” pundits in the media like to thump their chests and brag about how Republicans have picked up 1,000 seats in state and national governments since 2008, yet our nation continues to slog steadily toward socialist fascism.  Why?  Because you, me, We The Sheeple believe those slobbing fools, and go back to sleep after the Pubbies have a big win on Election Day.  Now is not the time to go back to sleep.  It’s time to fight back, and that’s what this blog and the soon-to-accompany-it podcast is all about.

We have to fight using the First Amendment, ’cause God help us if it comes to using the Second…and for those of you in the “that’ll never happen” chorus, again, click on the links below.  But there’s more to the First Amendment than just flapping your gums on a podcast or pounding away on a keyboard, saying the same ol’ thing you’ve been saying on for 20 years.  There’s the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.  There’s the right to peaceably assemble (not to beat supporters of the opposing candidate, or murder police officers in cold blood who are trying to protect those protesters).  And yes, there’s the right to pray to God in the way you see fit, something we all need to do more of, myself included!

We have to use those powerful tools, not only to keep Congress and the President in line, but the state legislature, county courthouse and city hall, too.  We have to get over our aversion to pop culture — movies, music, art, video games, and professional athletes — and start using those tools to reach young people.  Why?  Because young people, those who are going to be running the show (and who will be in charge of our Social Security!) in 15 years, don’t care about talk radio, the Heritage Foundation, or Liberty University…they care about movies, celebrities, sports stars, rap and heavy metal, and the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.  That’s where we’re going to have to go to get their attention. This is a theme you’ll hear over and over again on Fight Back.

Fight Back will be all about speaking up, speaking out, and then doing something!  We’ve been talking too long, and losing ground while we pound the keyboard and flap our gums.  It’s time to lace up the Reeboks, grab the picket signs, bombard congressional phone lines and email servers, doing things that we’ve never really done before, on a sustained basis, all in the name of earning our American birthright.  We’re going to do it in plain English, because nothing turns most people off faster than a pretentious a-hole trying to be the smartest guy in the room.  If you’re more offended by a little salty language than you are with what the Left is doing to destroy your freedom and future, then by all means, don’t read this blog.  Don’t listen to the podcast.  Don’t get involved.  Go back to watching reruns of Andy Griffith on TV Land, and pretend Dwight Eisenhower is still president.  Those of us who have the guts to fight for this nation will do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s rock!


The Fight Against Trump has Just Begun

The day after Election Day, they told us what was coming…wrap your heads around it and get ready to fight


Punk-ass Hollyweird type calls for punching Conservatives/Patriots/Trump Supporters in the face

Incidentally, David Harbour…I have no idea who you are, and have never seen or heard of your show, but bring it on, puddin’.  Drop me a line if you want to get together some time and take a swing at me.  Dare ya.  We’re not bullies, we’re not what you accuse us of being, but if that’s how you and your Hollyweird circle jerk buddies want to play it, fine.  If you’re feelin’ froggy, jump!


Sarah Silverman Calls for the Military to Overthrow President Trump

Sarah Silverman is proof HL Mencken got it right when he said “no one ever went broke underestimating the tastes of the American people”.


“Comedian” calls for Trumps Assassination at Concert in Dallas

See above.  Same goes for Eddie Griffin


Preschool “Teacher” in Seattle Calls for Killing Whites, Trump

Wake up people…


Substitute “Teacher” in Tennessee Says Shooting Trump Supporters is “Appealing”

…these people are “teaching” your kids!