Fight Back with Jay Howell, 18 June 2017

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Man, am I pumped today!  Go ahead…ask me why.

No, it’s not because it’s Fathers’ Day (I’m not a father), but Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, and two brothers anyway.

Friday, I had a great interview with Greg Pruett, the founder and President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  The ISAA has been successful in getting anti-gun legislators voted out of office, getting city and county gun bans overturned (Idaho has a state pre-emption law, but when did a pesky little thing like the law ever stop penny-ante tyrants?), and in making Idaho the ninth state in the nation to pass a Constitutional carry law.  Really, if you don’t know what Constitutional carry is, Google it.  Better yet, get a copy of the Constitution and read it.


Greg Pruett, ISAA President and founder, center.  Your humble host is somewhere lost in the crowd!

Greg is doing double duty, having moved to Madison, Wisconsin (waaaaaaay behind enemy lines!) to help the good people in the Badger State to get common-sense — and Constitutional — gun rights legislation passed.  You can borrow him for a while, Wisconsin, but we call dibs on him!  Listen to my interview with Greg on the podcast.

On Saturday, I attended a class on citizen activism, put on by the Federation for Applied Conservative Leadership.  The instructor was Aaron Dorr, with the Iowa Gun Owners.  This guy knows what he’s talking about.  Aaron told us how he started the organization with only the help of his brother, $25, and a bad attitude toward politicians.  Over the last several years, Iowa Gun Owners has grown into the biggest pain in the a** of anti-gun politicians, and has successfully gotten 20+ of them voted out of office, including senior leaders.  I highly recommend you look into scheduling a class in your town, if you’re in any way interested in starting a grassroots activist group.  I’m not going to go into details about what Aaron covered, I’ll only say I’m feeling motivated like never before to  get my own group started and lay waste to City Hall…figuratively speaking, of course!

One more note…the good news is, emails have started to come in, with thoughts and ideas for the show.  The bad news is, a couple of them have been complaining about my use of “strong” language on my podcast.  Well, first of all, there is a disclaimer at the beginning of each show…please feel free to NOT listen if it offends you more than what the Left is doing to our country.  This is not a kids’ show, after all.  Second, I do bleep out the actual words, leaving only enough to get the point across.  But most of all, there’s the reason WHY I use “strong” language (like I would really use weak language?).  Simply put, it’s the language young people speak.  They grew up with Howard Stern, and Opie and Anthony.  They’ve never known life without rap (is that sad or what?).  They’re used to hearing words like “bitch”, “bastard” and “ass” on broadcast prime time TV, and even worse on cable and reality shows.  They’ve never known anything but coarse language…in the media, in school, in music, everywhere.

If we want to be able to communicate with them, and to teach them the common sense, logic and rightness of our philosophy, we’d better damn well lower ourselves to that level.  Otherwise the followers of Bernie Sanders will tunnel right under our moral high ground and blow us the hell up..again, figuratively speak.  Then again, after this week’s shooting in Virginia, maybe it won’t be figurative.

Okay, that’s it for this show.  Enjoy, and try to contain your enthusiasm.  Naaaah, on second though, go out and conquer something.

God Bless you, God Bless America, and rock on!


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