Why We Fight

Tired of politics? The fight has only begun

I don’t often agree with Senate MINORITY leader Chuckie Schumer, but I just saw a Fox News sound bite of him saying, in essence, the fight against President Donald Trump is only starting.  He said it in reference to the flap over just-resigned National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn, but that’s not the extent of the assault on everything Trump that’s to come.  And it could end horribly for everyone.

After the November 8th election, a number of my Facebook friends posted pleas with essentially the same message: “can we please stop the political stuff now and get back to cat videos, recipes, cute dogs, babies…” etc, etc, etc.  The short answer is “no”.  The longer answer is “no, if we value our freedom, our kids’ freedom, our grandkids’ freedom, and the freedom of every generation of Americans to follow.  No, if we want there to be an America to hand down to successive generations.  No, if when we get to Heaven, we want to be able to look our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and all the brave Americans who fought and died to preserve this nation for us, in the eye, and tell them we did all we could to protect the gift of freedom they passed on to us.  No, if we don’t want to have to use the Second Amendment for the purpose it was intended.

Make no mistake, our enemies (and that’s one thing I actually agreed with the Obammunist on…the other side are our political enemies, because they’re out to destroy  what America is, and was always meant to be) are out to save their grip on power.  On November 8th, the American people spoke; not Hollyweird, the Leftist mainstream media, professional sports, and the rest of pop culture, but We The People.  Flyover Country.  The Forgotten Man (and Woman), who doesn’t attend Manhattan or Georgetown cocktail parties, have their pictures taken on the red carpet at the latest incestuous Hollyweird awards show, have a comfy government retirement coming, etc.  We got what we’ve been desperately wanting for years now; an outsider, a businessman, and a fighter who truly loves his nation and his fellow citizens.  We got a doer, not a talker, like we’ve had in office ever since Ronald Reagan last climbed aboard Marine One in January 1989.  The Leftists saw this and saw their grip on absolute power slipping.

They’re desperate, and there’s nothing they won’t stoop to in order to maintain that grip on power.  Right now, they’re just protesting, lying about President Trump at those awards shows, calling for President Trump to be ousted in a military coup, or to be assassinated, and for his supporters to be murdered. But one thing we’ve learned from history is that mentally unhinged people often telegraph their true intentions, and even if they don’t really mean to pick up a rifle themselves, they can inspire others to do it for them.  Remember, Charles Manson didn’t actually kill anyone himself, he just got his “family” members to do it.

Oh yeah, the thing about murdering Trump supporters?  That was a teacher who said it.  Read the article below.

Folks, it’s time for us to stop  letting this stuff slide.  America is on the ropes because ever since the first George Bush called for a “kinder, gentler nation”, we in the center-right have gone soft.  We’re addicted to cat and baby videos on You Tube, improving our golf handicap, making sure our portfolio is outperforming last quarter, and other happy pursuits.  We subscribe to the “Life’s a Beach, so Don’t Worry Be Happy” mindset. We don’t draw a line, take sides, and say “this aggression will not stand, man”…to quote The Dude (in The Big Lebowski…seriously, if you haven’t seen it, join the 21st Century).

The blabbering, slobbering so-called “conservative” pundits in the media like to thump their chests and brag about how Republicans have picked up 1,000 seats in state and national governments since 2008, yet our nation continues to slog steadily toward socialist fascism.  Why?  Because you, me, We The Sheeple believe those slobbing fools, and go back to sleep after the Pubbies have a big win on Election Day.  Now is not the time to go back to sleep.  It’s time to fight back, and that’s what this blog and the soon-to-accompany-it podcast is all about.

We have to fight using the First Amendment, ’cause God help us if it comes to using the Second…and for those of you in the “that’ll never happen” chorus, again, click on the links below.  But there’s more to the First Amendment than just flapping your gums on a podcast or pounding away on a keyboard, saying the same ol’ thing you’ve been saying on FreeRepublic.com for 20 years.  There’s the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.  There’s the right to peaceably assemble (not to beat supporters of the opposing candidate, or murder police officers in cold blood who are trying to protect those protesters).  And yes, there’s the right to pray to God in the way you see fit, something we all need to do more of, myself included!

We have to use those powerful tools, not only to keep Congress and the President in line, but the state legislature, county courthouse and city hall, too.  We have to get over our aversion to pop culture — movies, music, art, video games, and professional athletes — and start using those tools to reach young people.  Why?  Because young people, those who are going to be running the show (and who will be in charge of our Social Security!) in 15 years, don’t care about talk radio, the Heritage Foundation, or Liberty University…they care about movies, celebrities, sports stars, rap and heavy metal, and the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.  That’s where we’re going to have to go to get their attention. This is a theme you’ll hear over and over again on Fight Back.

Fight Back will be all about speaking up, speaking out, and then doing something!  We’ve been talking too long, and losing ground while we pound the keyboard and flap our gums.  It’s time to lace up the Reeboks, grab the picket signs, bombard congressional phone lines and email servers, doing things that we’ve never really done before, on a sustained basis, all in the name of earning our American birthright.  We’re going to do it in plain English, because nothing turns most people off faster than a pretentious a-hole trying to be the smartest guy in the room.  If you’re more offended by a little salty language than you are with what the Left is doing to destroy your freedom and future, then by all means, don’t read this blog.  Don’t listen to the podcast.  Don’t get involved.  Go back to watching reruns of Andy Griffith on TV Land, and pretend Dwight Eisenhower is still president.  Those of us who have the guts to fight for this nation will do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s rock!


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